Advantages of investing in a good web host.[Updated 2019]

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Good Web Host

Starting a website or blog site leaves so many unanswered questions. The first thing is why to invest in web hosting when you can just as easily use a free web hosting service.

Reasons for Investing in a Good Web Host

When you start a website the first thing you would probably consider is having a Website that is easy to manage and be as effective as possible and more importantly that you get the widest audience as possible.

Advantages of investing in a website like Yocta  is that your website will not have:

  • Unwanted ads. free websites make money by showing ads of their choice which is annoying to most visitors
  • Most free sites you can not have your own ads which are another way to make money from your website
  • Because you are not paying for a service you will not get the technical support that is needed to have a website that will give your visitors a good experience
  • Free web hosting servers share other websites on the same server so you are limited to the disk space that you use which limits the amount of traffic you can have.
  • Your domain name will not be your own because the free web host name will be part of your domain name.


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No Capital Investment

By investing with a good web host there will be no need to set up and buy expensive server equipment. The added cost of employing staff that are dedicated to making sure that the server, website and security are maintained and kept to date. These will far outweigh the costs that you will be paying to the web host provider like Yocta to keep all the administration functions up to date with the added advantage of having an expert technical staff to care for all your needs.

Investing in a Good Web Host


The first advantage of investing with a good web hosting company is that you have total control over your website. There will be no unwanted adverts that will appear on your website or blog. This might seem trivial at first but if you consider that the free web hosting service has total control over which adverts appear on your site. They could have an advert that might be in competition to your business.

Another way of making money from your website is to use advertising agencies and there are quite a few that provide this service. The way it works if someone visits your website and click on the advert and visits the site you get a small payment from the advertising site. With free sites, this type of advertising is not allowed therefore you are limited to making money only the sales that you make from the traffic that visits your site.

 Support from a Good Web Host

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Having invested in a web hosting service will allow you to have access to all the technical support that you need. One part of having your own website is the monitoring of the system. This includes aspects like uptime. This is one of the most important things that are required when you are doing any form internet marketing because when your site down means that you are not having any exposure.You have a team of experts at your disposal who are making sure that your website is performing at its optimum.

The updating of your site and plugins are done automatically when you invest in a web hosting service. Making sure that your site does not have spam.


By investing in a paid web hosting service you will have features that free services do not offer. It is important though that you check what features the paid service provider to make sure that you get the ones that will suit your business. Features such as traffic monitoring are important to have so that you can analyze how the visitors are using your site and more importantly how many. This information helps you to respond positively and change accordingly to improve the experience of using your website.

Flexibility with a Good Web Host

With a well paid web host service like Yocta, you are not limited what you can do with your website because you have a dedicated server. Therefore you are able to customize the server to suit your specific needs such as the CPU and RAM disk space and the software being used.

A dedicated server allows you or an organization to have an environment to fit their unique needs. Choose a platform that will be focused on their business needs and allow a lot more control how the server is configured.

Branding your Company

With a dedicated server, you will have a unique domain name which will only show your particular trading or blog name. It will not have the web host server name shown in your domain name making it look a lot more professional and looks like a business that is serious about their business. Often if a service provider’s name is shown as part of a company’s domain it is not taken seriously and it is also difficult to build trust as it is seen as if the company is not well established.

Considerations when selecting a Good Web Host

Q Is there a difference between free web hosts or paid when considering SEO optimisation

A Yes sometimes with free websites your domain name could be rejected because it will be classed lower a lower level

Q How do you go about selecting a good web host

A Make a checklist of all the requirements that you would like to have on your website and check with the web host if they have the facility to solve all of them. It is sometimes better to discuss it with an agent over the phone or by live chat methods.

Q Do pay web hosts to assist with website templates

A Yes most of them have templates that you can use or hire. Make sure that it is transferrable so that it remains your property.

Q Does pay hosting have support 24/7

A Yes most of the hosting companies offer 24-hour support but it is best to check before you decide to become a client


Investing in a good web hosting provider such as Yocta will take away the extra costs that are involved with setting up your own server and there is no need to employ any technical staff.

It also will provide your company with the added peace of mind that you will have control over the features that you would like to have and not be limited as you would be if you decide to use a free web hosting service.

Therefore taking all these factors into consideration and the relatively small investment required to use a web hosting provider it makes sense to do so while you concentrate on growing your business.

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