Advantages of Web Hosting for Small Businesses[Updated 2019]

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Small Businesses

Virtually every business today needs to be on the web today and as small business owner, the cost involved with having your own website is daunting and one way to reduce this cost is to consider web hosting.

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Why it makes sense for the Business Owner

Running a small business is time consuming and demanding partly because the staff are essential staff only and the resources to employ staff to manage a website are not always available. Using a web hosting company such as Yocta has many benefits at a relatively low cost.

Using a Web Hosting company allows you as a small business owner to concentrate on growing your business while the web hosting company ensures that your online presence is growing.

How Web Hosting helps Small Businesses

Web hosting companies, first of all, make sure that your website has all the security protocols that are required to keep all your customer’s information safe and can save you a lot of money in the long term.

Websites have to make sure that the security is kept up to date which takes a lot of administration but web hosting companies have already got all the staff and knowledge to do this.

Web hosting companies have in place all the tools in place that will check your website safe such as

  • Doing periodical security checks
  • Putting all the spam filters in place.
  • They do all the virus scanning and make sure that the correct firewall configurations are done correctly to give the site ultimate protection.
  • They also have the expertise and experience to solve any problems if there are security issues.

Having a website is not enough the as the website has to be monitored all the time because if it has a lot of downtimes then that means your online presence is not as effective as it should be. Using web hosts such as Yocta who can offer 99,99% uptime making sure that your exposure on the web is at its ultimate.

Websites through their hosts can experience problems and if they are constantly being monitored then these small problems can be solved before they become major problems.

Managed Storage

Each company has specific storage needs that generally change from time to time. How much storage space is needed has to be managed and a balanced. Allowing the professional staff of a web hosting company to that for you save the company money by paying just for the essential storage.

Administering the storage services and the databases also require specific designs and using trained staff from the web hosting to do that for you save a lot of time and money.

The last thing that a small business needs are to lose valuable data and most businesses are prone to losing data. This is costly to the company and the hosting provider has all the tools to make sure that all your data is backed up and managed.

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Customised Web Hosting Solutions

Most web hosting providers such as Yocta have the features in place to give each individual customer with the solutions that they require for their specific business.

  • They generally have various services and you can choose and negotiate the type of website and features that you would like and which will fit your budget.
  • As a small business owner, there are lots of costs that are required to be done on a daily basis and by using a web hosting company the added cost of putting an infrastructure in place to do your own web hosting is solved.
  • Buying the equipment to do your own web hosting and servers is a costly exercise and by using managed web hosting services this extra overhead and cost are taken away from the small business owner.
  • With the added 24 hour support that is offered it really frees up the business owner’s time to concentrate core business issues without wasting that time on managing the website.

Expertise provided for the Business Owner

Web Hosting Companies through their support systems have staff that can advise and guide the small business owner to get the best of the website through SEO optimization management tools.

Some web hosting companies offer an email service such as Yocta and this has an added advantage that the email is designated to your company which helps with the branding of the company. So often small companies use providers such as the web-based Gmail and Yahoo partly because there is no cost involved but having your own mailbox enhances the image of the company.

Considerations for the businesses owner

  • As a small business, you need to consider your options so that you get the full advantage of using a web hosting provider
  • Make sure that you are allowed more than one domain, Most web hosting providers will allow up to 25
  • When considering which provider to use first consider what type of website you would like and what sort of traffic you expect
  • What applications you need such as Windows
  • If you require any special software.

Make sure what payment plan you are committing to and that is why at Yocta have various different plans to suit each business budget. When you sign up to a service provider you need to make sure that yearly installment will be the same as the joining fee because often they are not.


A small business can gain a lot of advantages for the growth of their business by using web hosting providers to help their online presence.

  • It is not just a case of going onto the internet and starting to promote your website but the fact that it requires constant monitoring and checking to ensure that you get the required uptime and security coverage.
  • Without security and constant scanning for viruses your website will suffer in the long term and could even cost you money if your customer’s private details have been compromised.

Taking all these factors into consideration and the time and expertise it takes to monitor your own website which you can be spending on your core business and the very affordable plans that web hosting providers offer it is definitely worth considering using Web Host.

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