Benefits of registering domains with your email host

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When it comes to domain registration, the best course of action is to hire the company that is already providing yours with email hosting services.


Email is a very important thing when it comes to business communication. Different kinds of companies and businesses make use of dedicated email hosting services to get email accounts with their own domain names. There are several web and email hosting services providing companies that offer high-end services when it comes to this kind of matters. Some of the companies like Yocta offer both web hosting as well as email hosting services and it is highly recommended to register your domains with the company that is taking care of your email hosting requirements. Several different advantages are associated with making this kind of choice. A few details that might come in handy in this regard are discussed below for your convenience and understanding.

email hosting

A basic comparison between two schools of thought

When it comes to making the decision of registration of your domain, there are two schools of thoughts with separate opinions of their own.

  • The first one believes that a client must use two different hosting companies to take care of the matter. The reason behind this persuasion of opinion is the fact that when the services of the host experience some downtime, both your website as well as your email hosting experience downtime at the same time. But when you hire two different companies to take care of both the jobs separately, you don’t have to go through the downtime at the same instance.
  • On the other hand, the second school of thought goes by an opinion that says the best choice in this regard is to register your domain with the email hosting services provider. There are several different advantages associated with making this kind of decision.

For instance, your entire network gets powered by the same infrastructure which is almost entirely uniform from the top level tier to the ground level tier, which suggests a better level of security.

Keep all your stuff in one place

Building up a website might require you to register more than one domains. In fact, some of the users usually have 10s of domains registered under their name. it is highly recommended to get all your domains registered with the same host. This is due to the fact that domain transfer may turn out to be a very annoying job. In case you are not satisfied with your current services provider, you might want to move to another company. So making this transition can be very simple when you are registered with the same company.

Register your domains together

Like discussed above, registering your domains together with one company may turn out to be a fruitful decision since it allows you to manage them in a very easy and convenient fashion. In case you want to move to another company, all you need to do is to carry out a massive update on your DNS settings and you are good to go.

Additional security

When you register your domain with the email hosting services provider, you get an extra layer of security for your network. This becomes possible that the overall hierarchy, network configuration style, hardware and infrastructure and pretty much everything else is installed in the same fashion. Therefore your entire network gets protected with the same level of security from the upper to the basic level.

Budget-friendly packages

Majority of the email hosting services providing companies like Yocta tend to offer their clients a better deal when they are inclined to hire them for multiple purposes. So in case you decide to register your domains with Yocta while it is also serving as your email hosting services provider, there is a good chance that you might be able to cut a good deal which may serve as a win-win situation.

Stay in control

Registering your domain with your email hosting provider also enable you to stay in total control of your entire infrastructure in a better way. A company usually makes use of a similar kind of infrastructure for doing both the jobs. Which means you get to deal with the same kind of interface or cPanel to control all your hosting and domain related matters which gives you a better control of your website and email boxes.


In light of the above-discussed arguments, it is strongly recommended to register your domains with your email hosting services providing company.

  • There are several different companies like Yocta in the market that offer a wide array of almost all the hosting related services including domain registration and email hosting. So if you are already using email hosting services from one company, it is recommended to check out what they have in store for you on account of domain registration.
  • If the offered package plans appear to be appealing, you may even ask your company to offer you a trial so that you might get properly acquainted with what you are getting yourself into.

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