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Have you ever thought what can be the best email hosting for your startup? If no, then it’s high time for you to find the company which can provide you email hosting services at cheap rates. Yocta serves your this purpose at low cost.

Email has become the basic requirement for any business. It is required to contact both internally and externally in an Organization. To build a strong bonding between you and your customer, it is very important for you to have your own email hosting plan. Yocta delivers more reliable and efficient services to its customers. You can share large files up to 50 MB, have Active Directory support, online storage of files etc.

Some of the companies offer email hosting plans that are very expensive. This is all because they give large inbox and file storage space. But Yocta provides these services at low cost. The best part of using email hosting plans is that the emails that land in your inbox are spam free.

With the help of Yocta Email Hosting Plan, you are capable of exchanging email products that are Outlook Configurable. Yocta email hosting plans are more scalable and designed exclusively to meet all your needs for your communication. You can also enjoy a number of features like editing and sharing documents, searching emails, group scheduling and sorting messages automatically.

Yocta offers shared and dedicated email hosting plans that come with a number of features like POP3 email accounts, Customization, and management of domain, the best anti-spam plans, IMAP support, spam free emails, filtering of emails etc. Yocta email hosting plans have security features, plenty of storage room for emails, security features, customized domain, 24×7 support to manage your email etc.


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