Best one-click magento hosting service for 2017.[Updated 2019]

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Meganto hosting Servcies

Some of the factor that you should look for when choosing a magento hosting service. An overview of the best on-click magento hosting service providers.

The most challenging part of application or web development is choosing a web host. So is finding a magento or magento 2 hosting to host your magento website. When making a decision on hosting you go with a host that provides its customer value and efficient service. Mostly you have to put certain factors into consideration, these are the things that make up a good Magento host:


  1. Performance – a good Magento hosting should have a high performance in terms of load speed, ability to multitask uptime etc.
  2. Customer support – customer support should be fast and reliable in how they handle problems that relate to hosting. So they should have technicians who have adequate know-how on handling magneto problems. There should also be a 24/7 customer support.
  3. Price – a good Magento hosting service should be affordable and also have value. This also involves the package renewal price.
  4. Magneto installation – a good magneto host should provide you with easy magneto installation on the server. Mostly a one-click installation can save you time and energy.
  5. PCI compliant – go for Magento hosts that will provide PCI compliant shared servers.
  6. Magento Partner – these magento hosts ensure that your site always up and available to your customers. This is because they provide with quality and reliable web and database server performance. They can also meet your cloud-based solution requirements. Find a magento hosting partner.

These are but a few of the factors you should put into consideration when choosing a magento hosting service. You can some research about the provider before making any decision on the kind of service you opt for will directly influence your e-commerce success. The best way to know about a hosting provider is through user reviews. Your choice will also be influenced by your business size, so, if it is a small business you will opt for a different hosting service same goes for a big business.

The best magneto hosting service of 2017.

  1. SiteGround

This magneto hosting service is recommended for small sized businesses or rather those that have a tight budget. The main reason why most Magento developers or business owners opt for SiteGround is that of its affordability. This package will only provide you with one website and 10, 000 visits per month. They also offer users useful tools for a one-click Magento installation. On top of that, they provide tutorials, educative webinars and application templates to help those who are new to the Magento platform and hosting. They offer reliable customer support through Live Chat, support tickets, and phone. Visit SiteGround.

  1. Liquidweb

The problem with Liquidweb is that it has no ability to be PCI compliant when it comes to shared servers. It is also very costly. But one advantage is their reliable and prompt customer support as compared to other magento hosting service. It is one of the best Magento hosts for small businesses. The magento platform is fully compatible with this hosting service and they also offer a one-click magento installation. They also tend to coerce you into buying a dedicated server, this isn’t a bad idea since they are fast and are PCI compliant but dedicated servers are very expensive. Visit Liquidweb.

  1. Nexcess

This Magento hosting service is best for online businesses, and also the best in the industry. They are affordable and also have dedicated and outstanding customer service. They take their time to answer all customer questions on social media. They are also on top of the Magento Platinum Partners list and have the ability to handle any Magento related problems. They offer speed, stability, and security when it comes to magento hosting, 100% PCI compliance and a huge server resource to cater for your needs. The problem is they offer dedicated hosting that’s why it is best for medium to large size businesses which can afford and maintain their magento hosting service. Visit Nexcess.

  1. Peer1

Peer1 is best for medium and large business but specifically, it is fully good for large business, it costs a lot. One thing they won’t give you quotes until you consult to be a client. The best thing is the great customer review which shows that Peer1 is a reliable and good magento hosting service. They have a 24/7 phone support which is all answered in-house. They are Magento Platinum Partner meaning they can provide solutions to any magento problems. They offer a one-click magento installation saving you the time and energy required for such processes, and their servers are PCI compliant. Visit Peer1.

  1. Rackspace
  • This is the magento hosting service provider that is basically made for large businesses. You should choose their magento enterprise package and not the magento community package to get more features. As compared to the magento hosting service provider above, they provide you with the service you pay for.
  • They are also listed among the best Magento Platinum Partners. They offer a one-click magento installation, their servers are PCI compliant and have a 24/7 customer support through email, Live Chat, and phone.
  • Their starter package has concurrent users of about 0 to 100 and products less than 150, 000. But advice to small companies this Magento hosting provider is very expensive even though it is the best in the industry. Visit Rackspace.
  • These are just some of the Magento hosting providers but it is of great importance for you to know that different sites have different requirements. This listing will only enable you to have an insight of what you should be looking for.
  • Best way to make sure that a Magento service is best for you, you shouldn’t sign long term contracts and go for those providers that offer trials for you to get to experience the hosting service before making a decision. So if your needs aren’t met you can be able to change your provider. So, be wise when choosing a Magento hosting service provider as this decision will influence your business success.