Choosing the most powerful Joomla Web host – what does it entail? What should you consider?[Updated 2019]

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joomla web hosting

Finding a Joomla web host that you can trust and rely on is hard. Here we are going to guide and help you in choosing the most powerful web host for your Joomla website.joomla web hosting


Joomla is currently one of the most popular content management systems on the CMS market. One of the reasons for its fame is the fact that it is free, flexible, easy to use and gives the ability to create and manage websites rich in contents, and it also has a large community of active users that support its development.

  • This CMS platform doesn’t require you to have any programming language to create modern looking or professional and content-rich websites.
  • Its uniqueness is based on its flexibility on several fronts. Joomla enables you to create any kind of website you can imagine of, it has all the tools and plugins you can use to build anything be it a personal blog, community forums and portals, online stores and even organizational sites.
  • As setting up Joomla is easy and very quick. All you need is to install the Joomla Software and all the tools that you need to build a site and manage its contents are availed at your disposal.
  • Like other CMS platforms, Joomla is easy to use and most of all are free, however, these are not its true strengths. The true strength of this platform lies in its open source code due to the large community of developers that have been working on the project for years in order to maintain it and extend its capabilities.
  • These developers have been able to come up with plugins that give added features and functionalities to the platform. But what makes it more interesting is that if you are well conversant with coding and web design, you can customize the code and create sites according to your preferences.

The Joomla Content Management System has got various interesting and useful features it can offer you as an expert or beginning web developer, on top of that, its flexibility stands to make it your preferred CMS for starting and maintaining your online presence.

Choosing the most powerful Joomla Web Host

Joomla web hosting

The major confusion always faced by many web developers mostly the beginners is getting the best web host that will suit his or her needs and requirements.

  • Getting a trusted web host is hard and requires a lot of research. This is because most web hosts out there are more of money than service.
  • If you have been thinking and stressing on how to get a web host for your Joomla website, then worry no more.

Below we are going to guide you on how to choose the best Joomla web host. The things you should put into consideration are:

  1. Joomla Compatibility

This is the most important consideration; you have to find a web host that fully support Joomla Software. An example is Yocta. The web host should provide you with a server that equipped with PHP, Apache, and MySQL as this is the kind of environment Joomla can run in. Also, the versions of these applications will depend on the version of Joomla you are using so you need to ask the web hosted those versions are available. You will also need to enquire id the host provides a fully updated version of Joomla. Having the latest version of Joomla will enable you to run a more secure reliable and stable version of the software.

  1. Joomla Installation

When choosing a Joomla web host you need to inquire if you can actually install Joomla on your hosting account. This is a confusing task for many mostly the beginners who are not well conversant with web technologies like MySQL and FTP. They may end up having a hard time setting up and running the platform. Therefore, you need to find a web host that provides a one-click Joomla installation like Yocta. Web hosts like these have features that will allow for the automatic creation of the requires databases and installation if Joomla in a couple of minutes. All you need is some mouse clicks and entry of credentials.

  1. Reliable and Good Customer Services

Joomla is not run by a corporation, meaning there will be no customer services to help you when you are stuck. Mostly, Joomla users rely on the large community of active users which are always available to provide assistance but this is not enough. You will need to find a web host will the Joomla know-how and will always be able to give you a helping hand whenever you need one. This will require you to do some research to find the company with reputable customer service. Ask other Joomla developers on their web hosts to know more.

  1. Reliable Hosting Infrastructure

For the optimum functionality and constant availability of your Joomla website, you have to choose a web host with reliable hosting infrastructure. Of cos, Joomla itself is not a heavyweight but you need a web host which has optimized its servers to run Joomla more efficiently. Having your site go down abruptly due to server issues may cost you a lot. Determining this prior to your hosting will save you a lot in future.

  1. Database support

The running of Joomla is dependent on a database; it is basically a database-driven platform. Meaning you need to go for a web host that can provide you with multiple databases. Several beginners will be ignorant of this consideration thinking they don’t require databases. But in the end, they will cry foul when their site has grown bigger. You need to choose a hosting package with more than one database hence ensuring you enough space for not only running Joomla but also installing other applications you may need in future.

  1. Multiple Domains

In the future, you will find out that only one domain can’t serve your needs. You, therefore, need to choose a hosting package that offers you more than one domain. This will come in handy when you are planning to run Joomla together with a previous website or blog. Getting hosting from two different companies to serve this need will proof expensive. You should, therefore, opt for a hosting solution that provides multiple domains on a single account making it easier to manage your websites in one place and also much cheaper.

  1. A web hosting that is fast

The speed at which your website responds will determine the success and growth of your business or site.

  • Also search engines like google use page speed for Search engine ranking. You, therefore, should opt for a web host that will assure you of a fast Joomla web hosting. Also, users nowadays tend to be pleased by sites with fast load and response speed. So, the hosting speed should be your number one priority.
  • Joomla is an effective platform for developing any kind of website, it enables you to create sites with that modern and professional feel. But everyone – both beginners, and experts know that every good website is boosted by it hosting.

You, therefore, have to choose the most powerful Joomla web host to have an effective website that can not only provide services to your target traffic but also enable you to make money and experience success. A good Joomla web host recommended by us is Yocta, try it out today and enjoy the benefits.