Do you know the true leaders in Hosting Industry?[Updated 2019]

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Leading Cloud Service

Yocta Leaders in Web Hosting


Yocta understands the growing trends of the ever-changing needs with technology and constantly evolving their cloud web hosting experience to accommodate the constantly changing demands.

Ultimate Security Tools 

Top Web Host

Leader in Hosting Industy

  • Yocta cloud hosting services are amongst the market leaders when you consider cloud security when you are venturing into the world of having your own domain for your personal use or for business no matter what size the matter of security is paramount.
  • Hackers are continuously seeking ways to hack into an account and with the growing trend of cloud services which is still developing leaves the perfect platform for them to attack. Therefore it is extremely important that the web host providers that you are using have excellent security measures in place.
  • At Yocta it is an area that they focus on and they have all security measures in place to ensure that your valuable information is safe. At Yocta, they have put in place the following tools to ensure for safe reliable web hosting. With Yocta’s security scanner you can clean all the Malware using the scanning services at the most cost effective prices available.

What the scanner offers

  • If you are not sure how Vulnerable your web hosting is at Yocta then your domain will be assessed by the Yocta testing services and over and above it will do one-time testing to help show you where your web your domain is lacking
  • The Deep Penetration services that they provide ensures that your network, applications, and systems are safe and reliable. This is backed up with a comprehensive Security risk assessment report with possible resolutions

As one of the growing trends is security Yocta has a monitoring system that will give you peace of mind that your site and network is being policed constantly in real time. It is done 24/7 with complete security operation center which delivers regular notifications of updates on a user-friendly informative dashboard

Specialized Services

The modern trend of web hosting services is to provide the user with as many benefits as possible. With the growing amount of web hosting service providers growing daily along with the fast growing internet marketing and service providers. Yocta have an array of web hosting services that satisfy all the needs of the modern internet user. One of the new services that Yocta provide is their Resellers Platform. It offers a range of services such as

  • Unlimited visits to the website
  • As many databases lists, you need
  • As many email boxes, you would like
  • Uptime of 99.99%

As one of the best Cloud Server providers with your domain and website you will get unlimited control, be allowed to have an unlimited amount of visitors with dedicated resources to suit your needs. You will have complete freedom with 24/7 support.

Yocta has also introduced the VPS Hosting service which is focused on your needs. With the VPS server service, you get one click deploy, access to the server as you need it which is very secure and with a chosen manager.

Administration Services that let you focus on your Business

The other services that are offered and are in line with the growing trends of web hosting platforms having to make it easier and simpler for companies and individuals to manage and their websites but often do not have the time. With the Server management from Yocta, you will no longer need to worry about that.

  • They will regularly update and monitor the health of your website.
  • They have experienced personnel to do the day to day server maintenance
  • To concentrate on your business you can leave all the server headaches for the Yocta team to solve while you focus on growing your business

In Conclusion 

If you are wanting to get your own domain and want to use a Web Hosting Service provider that is keeping abreast of the modern trends which are security, innovative services and domains that suit everyone’s pockets the visit Yocta who provide all these services.

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