Does Shopify have Email Hosting?

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The era has gone when you had to wait for days to get a mail. With the advancement of technology, you can easily share your files with the help of internet. Emails have drastically changed the approach of exchanging ideas. Hence, companies are getting inclined towards having their dedicated corporate email id. Corporate Email hosting company runs email servers for each organization.

Emails are playing a vital role in communication. If you have ordered something online and you get a delivery mail after the delivery of the product. You are done with it but some of the stores use your email ids for email marketing by keep on informing you regarding their products and services, offers and discounts etc.

There are a huge number of companies providing email hosting in India. Many of you are confused with the fact that whether Shopify provides email hosting service or not? Here, we would like to share the fact that Shopify does not provide any email hosting service but if you have purchased a domain from Shopify, then, you can create unlimited forwarding email addresses.

The best part of using a paid email hosting service is that if you are in trouble, there is a team to help you by taking you out from the problem with extra efforts.

If you are running your professional store, then, you must need your professional email id where you can communicate with your customer. If you are looking to get email hosting services from Shopify, then, the only way to choose is to have a dedicated email hosting service from a third party like Yocta.Yocta is a company providing email hosting service in Mumbai. So, don’t miss a chance to get your email hosting services at cheap rates from Yocta.


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