Email Hosting Service for a Startup

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You must be knowing that emails have become the most integral part of communication for any business or startup these days. You can easily reach to a large number of your regular and potential customers through emails. You can share information about your offers, launch of new products and services, promo codes etc to your customers.

Sometimes using Gmail, Hotmail or Yahoo can create an unprofessional approach in front of your customers. Therefore, you need a dedicated email hosting for your business. Yocta provides these services at cheap prices. Yocta provides Email hosting services to its customers which has a number of benefits.

If you are using your own domain, then, the emails sent by you will be spam free and will directly come in your customer’s inbox. Using anti-spam email hosting services benefits your business in a number of ways. This Outlook Configurable email hosting service is available in high bandwidth, instant credibility, additional resources etc.

Yocta provides secure email hosting services to its customers. Its POP (Post Office Protocol) and IMAP (Internet Message Access Protocol) features ensure that none of the data gets lost.

Yocta provides email hosting services that have customized storage space for each startup. This email hosting service is easy for both small and large startups.

Here, we are sharing some of the benefits of using Yocta Email hosting for your business:-

  1. Cost-effective
  2. Builds trust on you
  3. Provides storage space

The best part of using Yocta Email Hosting services is that you will get file transfer in GB, web hosting space in your email account, free templates etc in one account. Yocta email hosting comes with multiple security tools like protective FTP, password security, SSL Certificates, daily backup servers etc.


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