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India is well known for its deep-rooted history in the field of education. Lakhs and lakhs of students get graduated every year from different Government and Private colleges. Each College/University is digitally present where students can easily update themselves with the notifications released by these colleges and universities. College/University needs its own Email hosting which is spam free and outlook configurable.

Email is the easiest way for you to communicate. Your students can easily send you mail and communicate with you without running to your campus. Yocta serves you with the best email hosting services at a cheap rate. The email that land in your inbox is anti-spam.

Email is considered to be one of the most important parts of any institution. It is very important for you because you get important notifications here. You also get storage space where you get critical files. But what if your email hosting is not secure?

Yocta provides a solution for this! It is the best email hosting provider that helps you to receive and send the email safely from your own domain.

Sometimes, you get email hosting free with web hosting. With Yocta, you can get web hosting as email hosting services. The best part of taking email hosting services from Yocta is that you can easily host your own email without depending much on the third party to host the email.

Yocta also provides security services so that no one can steal your important information from your email.

It is also important for you to have a backup of email hosting so that if you get into any unexpected situation, it can be recovered properly. Yocta properly maintains the backup and restores the email time-to-time.


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