Free Email Hosting – A Disaster for Your Email Campaigns[Updated 2019]

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Before you jump into making a decision of getting a free email hosting service for your business, understand a myriad of risks associated with it, and you would want to change your decision instantly!

Why there is no such thing as free email hosting?

There actually is no such thing as free email hosting! The below factors would make you further understand this point of view:

  • Free Email Also Comes With A Cost

Next time you get to see the word free anywhere, make sure that you know that there is no such thing as “free” anywhere in the world and that everything comes with a cost or any other string attached.

So what could be the possible cost of a free email service?

  1. Spam

Once you are in the pits of free email hosting, you have dived into a plethora of all possible spams existing on the internet. These spams not merely are received in your inbox but your free and unbranded email address would itself also appear to be a spam to your recipients who would not bother to open the message and the whole objective is lost.

  1. The absence of Customer Service

That is another cost you will have to bear with a free email hosting service; absence of a customer service. Any assistance that you may require over your email campaign or any technical support you will need on your campaigning journey, you cannot expect any quick response or instant problem-solving replies.

  1. Unnecessary Advertising

This is another aspect that is costing you your professionalism and taking unnecessary space and attention. These not only appear to you but may be added to the email message you are sending giving a very bad impression to your business as it may also contain advertising from your competitors. How worse can it get than this!

You can save yourself this risk with a purchased and reliable email hosting service provider.

  1. Privacy

With free email hosting, you can be certain of one thing that your email messages are open to the host server to read and thus, there is no confidentiality whatsoever. This also means that your communication is prone to be manipulated or simply duplicated to be used by a third party to promote themselves. Furthermore, your database is not yours to own anymore. This makes your business vulnerable and at a risk of a huge cost that doesn’t pertain to money but also reputation.

  1. Deliverability

Free email hosting services end up getting delivered to the wrong filtered folders where the recipients don’t even have a look. This means using a free email hosting service has cost you your time and energy with no results or accomplishments. Once you start sending multiple emails from a free account, the server automatically lands it to filtered folders and there is nothing wrong with this activity because the recipient is clearly not interested to receive abundance of emails from unprofessional businesses.

In addition to all the facts mentioned above, that advocate that even the apparent free email hosting service doesn’t come as free and has a lot of risks attached to it, one of the most important issue faced is a compromised account. You just cannot put your business account at stake. You are not into technicalities of email hosting and you are putting that responsibility on a free service provider that also means that there is no expert out there to solve any issue that may occur at any point in time. In such a situation, you have no backup or contingency plans. Once it occurs, you end up losing your account and thus the whole email database that you had struggled to establish for a long time.

  • Who is To Be Held Responsible?

Case studies from various corporates and businesses suggest that there has to be someone or some entity responsible to deal with situations like account thefts, lockouts, hacking or just about any other hindrance that might happen to halt the whole business within seconds.

In a case with free email service provider, there is no party responsible to turn the situation around. It is just you who doesn’t hold any expertise in the subject matter. For this reason, businesses understand that when email hosting comes free, it comes with a lot of responsibilities that cannot be catered to by you alone. And thus, they look for a reliable email hosting service that they know will be there with a sound fallback plan.

  • Free Emails are for Less Important Things

Until now, you must have realized that conducting a serious business requires serious branded accounts. An account which is vulnerable enough to be lost in the long run or not to be taken seriously to correspond with is precisely a throw-away account and is dealt that way only. There are a lot of warnings attached to it. So, the first question you need to ask yourself is, “Are you ready to give up the fundamental marketing tool that you own and give it away for exploitation?” If your answer echoes, “Absolutely NOT!” then, free email hosting remains something that should be out of the bound of your business.

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In a nutshell, the whole argument set above is to make one fact clear, which is that unbranded free email hosting services offer email addresses that are prone to be lost and thus, are not permanent. Once stolen, hacked or lost – would you have any chance to receive email message of the clients and partners trying to reach you? Certainly not! An email address has gone means a business gone – what more disastrous a situation can be than this!

Remember – Free email hosting service ends up costing you a lot more than a purchased email hosting domain!


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