Free Unbranded Emails are bad for your Business[Updated 2019]

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Don’t give your prospective partners an impression that you are too old-school to be considered or you’re just trying to save some money using a free email.

Imagine having a professional business card that includes your Hotmail or Gmail address in your contact details. Think about the kind of impression it is going to leave on your card’s recipient in an age where domain names and websites are easy to purchase and manage. More than anything, you are simply giving them an idea that you are just not serious about your business.

It is that time of the year when you have gained some momentum in the business and you are now ready to embark on a journey where you’d like to partner and associate yourself with big names and logos. This means a professional and long-term partnership, which means you need to give away a professional outlook of your business and corporation. This requires you to be vigilant in all aspects of banding your business that may radiate seriousness and professionalism in your business attracting the right kind of clientele that you want.

Why Should You Not Use a Free Email Service? 

Below are all the reasons that explain why you should not make use of the free email services available on the internet.

Free email services have a large database and so are prone to be hacked by hundreds and thousands of hackers out there. Accounts like Gmail, Yahoo and Hotmail are very easily and effortlessly hacked.

So, what happens when your account linked with your business gets hacked?

The answer is simple. The hackers end up sending spam emails that usually contain obscene or adult content to your contacts. This means putting yours and your business’ reputation at risk as the spams get sent to your partners, associates, vendors and your whole list of clients synced with your email.

  • It’s Time to Scale Up

You have established a brand name for yourself, which you certainly want to be scaled up and get more attention, fame and eventually increase your clientele. It is a possibility that while you were starting your business you would have used a personal and free email service because you were then getting business on personal relations’ basis. However, it is not the case anymore. You now have to scale your business up and your email address is your first impression or the initial exposure to your brand.

  • Branded Emails are Trustworthy, Unbranded is Considered Spams

Do you not want to convey to your clients and prospects that you are an established firm? Of course, you do! Sending an email with your own domain name means that the receivers won’t consider your email spam and would like to have a look at what it says. This means you have established the first important foundation of your relationship, which is trust.

Branded email addresses or having a domain name in your email address is one of the foremost marketing opportunities that you are likely to miss if you use free unbranded email services. Using a domain name in your correspondences with your clients, prospects, business partner, vendors or any associates means that you are constantly using your business’ name over and over again. This means the name is being repeated in your recipients’ mind and memory constantly. It is the perfect way to give your business the necessary exposure and visibility among the right audience.

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  • Unbranded Emails Look Unprofessional

Let’s remind ourselves over and over again that we want our business to look professional and give out a serious vibe to our target audience. How can it look unprofessional with an unbranded email service? Here are the possible answers:

  1. You are not organized and don’t bother to have a domain on your company’s name.
  2. You rely on a personal and free account name rather than a business one for the business purpose.
  3. You have no privacy and confidentiality concerns.

These are only some of the reasons that your recipient might think when they receive an email from free email services.

  • Unbranded Email Services offer no Technical Support

Having an email hosting outsourced company means you have a backup plan if your emails are not working or if your recipients are unable to receive the whole message in the format as you have sent the email in. In such a case, you can have them on board and get the issues rectified. However, if you use an unbranded free email service, you cannot really contact Yahoo, Hotmail, Gmail or any other free email service providers to have your issues listened to let alone rectified or worked upon.

Thus, if you are running a business, your communication with the clients is on top priority and thus you need to be on your foot 24/7 to listen to them or have a communication platform that works fine without any delays. This and only this will make your business up and running in an already saturated business ecosystem where there is myriad of competition.

Branded Emails are Easy to Get

Are you thinking that transitioning to a branded email address and domain name will be difficult for you now that you have already begun with unbranded emails? Absolutely not! It is as simple as it would have been the first time you must have had started shooting emails. There are email hosting experts out there who have been working to assist businesses and corporates get transitioned to branded email domains that also help their older contacts reach them.

These experts also often offer domain packages with free trials or yearly plans that get you amazing discounts on your overall experience. The email hosting service provider will not only walk you through the whole easy-to-use process but will also help you get the desktop and mobile usability features to have you updated on the latest platforms.

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