How email hosting services can be beneficial to your business?[Updated 2019]

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Business owners usually neglect the importance of dedicated email hosting for their company and decide to stick with free email services providers like Gmail. On contrary to the common perception, getting dedicated email hosting is associated with a number of advantages that you don’t get if you stick with free email services.

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Email has grown a little old but while a lot of other technologies have evolved into something even better, email is still there in pretty much the same shape.

  • This is due to the fact that it was pretty much evolved already so it still holds the spot of being one of the most crucial yet powerful tools for carrying out personal as well as business communication. This is kind of surprising as different kinds of instant messaging services have been gaining a lot of popularity these days.
  • However many companies and businesses are still unable to foresee the importance of this tool as they still stick with making use of different free email services providing companies like Gmail and Yahoo Mail. They do not understand the fact that using these free services does not bring any credibility to their business and does not help them establish the identity of their brand either.

Therefore, the best course of action for any well-established business is to get email hosting services with their own domain name so that they start casting an even stronger impression on the parties they communicate and deal with. In addition to making good impressions, this kind of email hosting is also associated with a number of other advantages as well. A few of them are discussed below in order to give you a little overview about why you should stick to email hosting as a business improvement move.

Secure access

Email hosting services offer a high degree of security to the users. Being a user, whenever you log into the webmail account, the entire session along with all the data transference that takes place in between the server and the end user remains highly encrypted till the time you decide to log out. This whole encrypted session is created in order to make sure of the fact that none of your important information gets compromised or leaked in any way. Some of the email hosting services providers like Yocta even offer 128 bits encryption in order to ensure the best level of security for the access of your webmail.

Establish trust and authority

Take a look at the following two email addresses from the perspective of an end client:


Now think which one of these emails appear to be more trustworthy and professional to you? I’m pretty sure of the fact that you would be willing to put your trust in the latter one as it appears to be more professional than a freebie email address. So what are you waiting for? Yocta has been offering a wide array of different kinds of email hosting services at very reasonable rates. Check them out and sign up for a service that suits your requirements in order to uplift the credibility of your business.

Storage space

Do you often get tired of the limited storage space offered by the majority of the free email services? Try out the email hosting services offered by Yocta as there are different packages that are designed to suit the requirements of different kinds of users. Majority of the email hosting services providers usually offer a large storage space against every mailbox. You can get as much storage as you want to depend on your storage requirements.


Rather than buying an entire email infrastructure for your company and then hiring a whole team of IT professionals to run and maintain it, the much better option is to make use of email hosting services as it is a much cost effective and convenient option. Rather than putting a massive amount of resources into the maintenance of the infrastructure, you can rather deploy them to some other productive work.

Viruses and Spams

Reliable email hosting service providers usually have a strong filter against spams and other kinds of viruses. Therefore, it is hard for them to penetrate the highly encrypted network of the hosting providers as it is highly equipped with a variety of advanced virus scanning mechanism that is meant to protect your business against any intrusions and other destructive stuff.

Why choose Yocta Email Hosting?

Unlike the other common email hosting services providing companies present in the market, Yocta believes in taking their business personally. That’s the reason why they abide by high-end measures of security in order to ensure the provision of solutions that allow you to access your emails in a secure fashion. Email servers are provided in different kinds of hosting environments including shared, VPS and dedicated servers in order to meet the requirements of different kinds of users. Other pros offered by the Yocta email hosting services are listed below for your convenience.

  • Highly secure
  • User-friendly cPanel
  • Round the clock technical support
  • Different packages to suit the requirements of different customers


In the light of the arguments discussed in the above sections, it may be concluded that getting an email hosting service is a much-recommended choice in comparison to sticking with free email services providers like Gmail and Yahoo mail. Several advantages are associated with getting email hosting with your own domain name. It helps your company make a better impression to the clients while you get to enjoy a much better level of security as well. In other words, getting the right kind of email hosting services for your company is much better than making use of free email services providers. Yocta offers a large variety of different kinds of email hosting services. There are different packages that are custom designed .

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