How to choose a reliable web host?[Updated 2019]

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Secure Web Hosting Choosing a web host is stressful, no lie. Here we are going to discuss and explain more on what you should put into consideration when choosing a web host.

  • Like any other decision-making process, choosing a reliable web host is hard. There are several hosting companies which claim to be the best in the business by offering optimized uptime, full technical support, and reliable hosting infrastructure and resources, thus making your choice hard to make.
  • As you will be having questions like Do disk storage and bandwidth matter anymore? How do I know that this is the best web host for me? Which is the best hosting service package for my website’s needs? Today we are going to relieve this stress for you, providing all the answers to what you should always keep in mind when choosing a web host.

How to choose the best web host?

Before going on a quest to find a web host, you have to so one important thing:

Know your hosting needs.

  • You will never find a reliable web host if you don’t know what you require or need. Therefore, before starting your search you should critically and outline all you need. You should know the kind of site you are creating if your site uses common platforms like WordPress or Drupal.
  • You should also make a projection on the volume of traffic you will be receiving on your site, know the version of software like Django or PHP that you need to run your site, the kind of environment your site can run in seamlessly etc. These will assist you in making a decision and even enquiring about a web host easily.
  • On top of that, you should figure out your budget this will help you know if you will go for shared hosting, Dedicated or VPS hosting.

What should you look for when choosing a web host?

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  1. Server reliability and uptime scores

This is the most important aspect, getting a web host that is available 24/7. And also have very powerful servers and a stable network, with an uptime score of over 99%. There are various means you can use to figure out a web host’s uptime score. You can read web host reviews and also use other server monitoring tools.

  1. Hosting account upgrade options
  • As a newbie, shared hosting is the best recommendation for you as your site is still small has limited database connections and it is also the cheapest hosting option.
  • But over time your website will grow and for this reason, you will have to upgrade to a hosting option that gives room for growth. You will have to upgrade from shared hosting to dedicated hosting or VPS hosting.
  • This will offer you more memory capacity, better security, higher processing speeds, and more disk storage.
  1. Multiple Domains

Due to the fact that domain names are cheap, having more than one isn’t hard. Opting for a web host that has got packages with multiple domains will enable you to run many websites in a central location. So, we advise you check the domain capacity of each hosting package before making any decision to buy. Check out our hosting packages at Yocta.

  1. Price

Most hosting packages always have a cheaper starting price but have a higher renewal price. It is believed to be a normal occurrence in the hosting industry. Make sure you know more about the starting and renewal prices to avoid cases where you tend to move from one web host to another just to dodge the high renewal prices.

  1. Money back policy

In case you decide to cancel your hosting during the trial period, will the web host refund your money, what kind of policy governs this procedure? Do they charge for this cancellation? You should know more about these before you sign up to hosting. Some web hosts tend to charge more for any hosting cancellations during the trial period. You should avoid such web hosts.

  1. Control Panel

It will be very useful if you choose a web host with a user-friendly and very functional hosting Control Panel. So don’t freak out if you are offered a Plesk or third-party control panel nor a cPanel, all that matter is the control panel being user-friendly and having to all the required functionalities. In case the control panel is too complex for you to cancel your hosting account before it is too late, avoiding spending on what you don’t use.

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