How to choose the best Drupal Hosting service provider?

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Get to know what makes Drupal Content Management System one of the best in the marketplace. A brief explanation of some of the factors you should put into consideration when choosing the best Drupal hosting service.

Presently, the content management systems market is flooding with numerous CMS platforms. One of these platforms that have made a name for is Drupal CMS.  Like other content management systems available today, Drupal has the ability to handle content-rich blogs or websites. It can also be integrated with many components and modules that enable it to acquire more functionality. But one thing most people will ask is, what makes Drupal CMS stand out from the others in the market? The answer to this question is as simple as this: it is more flexible than any other CMS available in the market.

Drupal’s flexibility gives it a class of its own. Even though most users think of it of being complex, it is very easy to use and extend, hence can be used by those will little programming know-how. With its powerful administrative and authoring tools, Drupal websites and blogs are easy to build and manage. After the platform is set up and live, other aspects like management flow easily. Another thing that makes it stand out from the rest is that its code well-designed and rich in features that make it the most reliable content management system. Drupal is specially designed to give room for developers to create plugins that enable them to use the system efficiently. By doing this the platform becomes more stable hence doing away with any performance problems. Drupal also allows for updates that ensure that it users are running the latest version of the platform that is stable and more reliable.

Drupal is best for not only creating sites of any type but also web applications, online forums, blogs etc. Yes, creating Drupal sites is fun and easy but the most challenging part is choosing a Drupal Hosting service. When choosing a Drupal hosting service you should go with a service that accommodates the platform together with other plugins and components. Meaning, there are some factors you should put into consideration when finding such hosting i.e. Drupal Compatibility and installation, database support, IT support etc.

Factors to consider when choosing a Drupal hosting service.

  1. Drupal Compatibility

The number one consideration is compatibility. This ensures seamless running of Drupal. When choosing a Drupal hosting service always keep in mind that you require Apache Web Server, MySQL database server, and PHP. Also, know the version of the Drupal platform you require to run your website. The Drupal software has been undergoing updates over time so compatibility is crucial. Choosing a Drupal host that offers you the current version of the software assures you that what is running on your server is stable, secure and reliable.

  1. Drupal Installation 

One-click Drupal installation

Installation is the key factor to consider when choosing a Drupal hosting service, this enables you to enjoy all that the platform has to offer. Installing Drupal on the server is easier when you have knowledge in MySQL and FTP, however, if you don’t this will be an uphill task. For this reason, you will have to opt for a hosting service that offers a one-click Drupal installation. On top of that, it should have utilities that will allow you to automatically create databases for storing your files and install other software on the server. This process involves just clicking buttons while filing the required credentials, it only takes short time.

  1. Database Support

Like other content management platforms, Drupal is driven by databases. To mean if you are to run this platform, you will need a database to support its backend. Therefore, you need to opt for a hosting service package that is rich in databases in order to run Drupal smoothly. This will provide you all you need whether you decide to create blog platforms, database-driven apps, shopping carts etc. this kind of package ensures that Drupal and other programs you will require in future are catered for. Check out Yocta.

  1. Multiple domains

You should focus on the number of domains that a Drupal hosting service offers on each of its packages. One domain may be perfect for you but this isn’t enough if you want to support a lot of needs i.e. in a condition where you require to run Drupal alongside other traditional websites. You can only achieve this by going for a service that provides you with multiple domains. This is advantageous in that you only pay for one account and manage all your sites centrally.

  1. Drupal IT support

Being an open source platform, Drupal has no official for of expert support, however, there exist a large community of dedicated and vibrant users and developers which are always ready to support. But this is not enough. Meaning you need to invest in a hosting service that has a reliable IT support. Since there is no assurance that there will be no futuristic problems. So, opt for a host with a team of experts who are knowledgeable of the Drupal CMS platform.

  1. Reliable hosting infrastructure

Server infrastructure

Drupal is a very reliable content management platform. Its code is optimized to increase its level of performance, however, your website may tend to be slow and have a low-performance level when you choose a hosting service with unreliable hosting infrastructure.  The hosting service should have dependable servers and a reliable network that offer more stability. With reliable hosting infrastructure, you are assured of high performance and availability of your site.

Drupal is one of the smartest CMS out there, it is a solution and the choice to go with whenever you are creating simple websites or complex business applications. Today, Drupal is the backbone of over 2% of the websites on the web and is used for creating a range of sites from blogs to huge portals. All you need for you to enjoy the features Drupal has to offer is choosing a reliable web hosting service.

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