How to make money with reseller hosting with an example

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As technology is growing at a faster pace, everything is getting digitalized. Therefore, it becomes quite important for you to have your own website. A website needs a website hosting company so that the website can be hosted on the server. In simple language, hosting is defined as the process that makes your website available online.

If you purchase the hard drive space and bandwidth from the web hosting provider and rent it to your customer, then, it is called Reseller Hosting. In simple words, you are purchasing hard drive space from someone and offering hosting services to someone else. With this, you can start your own business and earn huge amount of profit. Yocta provides you Reseller web hosting services through which you can buy web hosting space and sell it to someone else.

Reseller Hosting

For example, suppose you are purchasing hard drive space from Yocta at cheaper rates and selling it to your clients by providing them the amount of hard drive space they require. This way you can provide these services to a large number of customers and earn a huge profit.

How can you start the reseller hosting business?

Select reseller hosting package
Try to find the right web hosting plan as per your requirements. After that, you can provide the services accordingly.

Find the track record of the web hosting company

You should be little conscious about finding the client testimonials and reviews so that you can know about the past track record of that company. This will directly or indirectly benefit your company as your business will be benefitted by the great name of the web hosting company.

Suppose, Yocta provides any web hosting service package at Rs x. You can enjoy this package with free setup services and 24×7 assistance. Now, you can host unlimited domains under this package to your clients. Yocta provides 24×7 monitoring, anti-virus software, anti-spam features, firewall, UPS Power backup etc. With the help these features, you may earn name and fame.

Web Hosting

This is the most important part for starting any reseller hosting business. Before starting any reseller web hosting business, you should do little homework regarding how much money will you require to start your business.

Do you have any experience?

For successfully running any business, it is very important for you to have complete knowledge and experience. When it comes about reseller web hosting business, then, these points become more important.

Before starting reseller web hosting business, try to find the real requirement of it in the market. This will help you in analysing what are you going to serve and what is the real demand in the market.

An advertisement is very important
Proper advertisement is very important before launching your business. You need to advertise properly to your potential customers regarding package and services your are going to offer in that package.

You should also time-to-time inform your clients regarding new offers and packages. This will attract your clients to retain with your business for a longer period of time.

Excellent Client Service
No matter how better services you are providing to your customers. Everything is gone if you are not having the best client services.

Your Organization’s success is greatly dependent on the customer services you are providing. It is very important for you to have a dedicated 24×7 customer service channel so that in case of any urgency, your clients can get a quick response.


Components of reseller package

Generally, reseller packages depends upon the services offered by the web hosting companies. Therefore, these services differ from one host to another.

  • Unlimited domain hosting.
    • Disc space and unlimited bandwidth.
    • 24×7 Technical support.
    • Additional hosting features like email, cPanel etc.
    • Customised website management.

Benefits of Reseller Hosting

Reseller web hosting business is gaining popularity these days. Therefore, you need to be little conscious about services which you are going to provide as a reseller web host.

Here, we are sharing some of the benefits of reseller web hosting:-

One stop solution
If you are going to start with this business, you have a large number of options for providing these services. For eg, if you have started reseller web hosting services then you can also provide a number of additional services like website development, web hosting, email hosting, Linux hosting etc. Therefore, you can offer a complete package to your client and retain them for a longer period of time.

Earn huge profit
The most important benefit of starting reseller web hosting company is that you get a chance to earn huge amount of profit. When you provide web hosting service to your customer, your short-term clients can turn into long-term clients. This will increase your lifetime value.

A chance to grow from small to big
If you have started your business as reseller web hosting, you have the chance to add many additional services. This means that you have the chance to grow your business from small to large and make more money.

No maintenance is required
The best part of starting reseller web hosting business is that you don’t require any maintenance. The maintenance part is done by the web hosting provider who is providing you web hosting. Therefore, you don’t need any technical expertise to start this business.

A chance to make your own package
As the business of reseller web hosting is flourishing everyday, you need to develop a certain competitive advantage over other market players. Therefore, you need some attractive offers and value added services in order to attract your customers.

You can also make your service highly customised to meet the requirements of end users. Some of the additional services which you can offer in your package includes email hosting, managing domain, operating and managing back-end of the website.


Starting reseller web hosting business can be an easy task if you follow certain steps as shared in this article. You can earn large amount of profit if are appropriately meeting the demands of customers.


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