Important Tips About Reseller Hosting[Updated 2019]

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reseller hosting

The internet is increasingly creating new business opportunities and if you would like to have a web hosting business but do not have huge capital available at your disposal then Reseller hosting could be the solution.

How does Reseller Hosting work?

What it means is that you use an established web hosting provider such as Yocta and you use their services and sell web hosting services as if it is your own site. Most of the providers today offer reselling services and with different types of plans and as a reseller host you should check with the provider exactly what they offer or else you could end up being disappointed with the host.

reseller hosting

Providers will probably have various different packages available that you can choose from and you will need to know the fundamentals of how it works. Some hosts will increase the costs per customer. In other words, as you gain a new client they will also increase the fees to you.

Generally, they all offer similar packages and some of the common packages will include:

  • Allowing you to host and have your own hosting site without the parent hosting company showing their name
  • The ability for you to manage your own web hosting company with your own configurations and accounts which will suit your needs
  • You have all your own disc space, bandwidth and domain hosting abilities and these will generally be in line with the features that are offered to the hosting company’s clients.

How Reseller Hosting Functions

Basically, you will be acting as an administrator for the hosting company. You will allow the clients to create accounts which you have full control over.

  • They will each have their own password and their own requirements but you will be able to fully manage these accounts according to the packages that you offer.
  • That will include the resources that your clients are allowed to use such as bandwidth, disk space and other benefits as you see fit. The new clients do not have any access to the parent company’s marketing material such as logos, therefore, you as the Reseller can sell your web hosting service as your own.

How to Create an Account for the Clients as a Reseller

As a Reseller, you will give access to the Reseller panel of the specific hosting company and that is where you will be allowed to create and manage the hosting accounts. Managing the panel takes a bit of knowledge but the Hosting company that you have chosen will advise you on how to go about it through their support system

How to Market Reseller Services

Like all internet marketing, you will require creating your website making sure that you have a good, interesting domain name and an attractive site. Once you have done that the clients will be contacting you directly and ordering the hosting services from this account and the benefits and packages that you offer.

Why become a Reseller Hosting Company

The first advantage of being a Reseller is that you can start your own web hosting service without any high expenses and it is quick and easy.

You can start selling your services to potential clients straight away.

You might also want to offer extra services to your clients if you already have a website.

What Service the Parent Company will Provide

  • You can buy a package that fits your pocket and with lots of features
  • You can have assistance from the parent company and they can assist you with web hosting
  • You can have all the controls and features to offer clients good effective web hosting
  • The security of your site will be the same as the parent companies and they will make sure that it is kept up to date.

What to consider becoming a Reseller

  • Once you have found a web hosting company like Yocta which offer reseller services and have the plan that suits your pocket you are set to go.
  • First of all, take into account how many customers you think that you will be having because the plans will differ for a number of customers that you have. If you already have a customer base some of them might join up straight away.
  • The packages that you would like to offer.
  • Create your plans and price that the potential customers will pay. These must be in line with the prices that you are paying to the web host provider and fit your budget.
  • The parent company will give you instructions on how to set up the packages that you will be offering to your clients.
  • Once it all is set up you can go ahead and start getting clients and making money.

The great thing about being a Reseller Hosting Provider financially is that most packages are monthly based therefore as your customer base grows so does your income.

How do clients of Reseller Hosting sites benefit

A lot of reseller hosting sites are sites that are already offering other services and products on the internet and they have added the web hosting as one of the services they provide.

  • The web hosting services can be purchased separately so it is a good way if you are already a client of the website to keep all your requirements within the same website and in that way satisfy all the needs of your company.
  • The reason that this could be an attractive solution is that often these companies are buying web hosting services from the parent company in bulk and they are given discounts which they pass onto their clients. As you are already paying for a particular website’s services some of them might add web hosting as part of the package that you have decided to use.

Either way, there is a financial gain to use their services as directly from a dedicated web hosting company.

Some Common Questions

 Q As a Reseller do I get technical support

A Yes most web hosting companies will offer 24/7 support but it is best to ask about the response time when you have decided which web hosting  provider

Q If I become a Reseller do I get to make my own package prices

A Yes you do but you will need to make sure that the prices that you charge are in line with the package that you have decided to buy

Q What are the benefits of using a web host service provider

A You will have all the tools and expertise that you can call on if there should be problems that you need to be solved 


Whatever the reason that you would like to start venturing into web hosting becoming a Reseller is the quickest and most cost-effective way to do it and you can gain knowledge and expertise through the parent company’s support service as Yocta offers.

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