Reseller hosting package vs VPS server – which is best for you?

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reseller hosting

Reseller and VPS hosting services are getting very popular these days. When it comes to selecting one of these services, there is no fixed rule. Different kinds of users may believe different types of hosting services to be appropriate according to their requirements.


We live in a world that has managed to become very much dependent on the internet. People make use of the internet for information, leisure, and even to conduct business. Almost every big business in the world is getting highly influenced by the internet in one way or another. To be precise, every business in the world is getting highly influenced by the web hosting services since they are the primary requirement behind the establishment of a website. On the other hand, there are some businesses that are selling their services or products online and that’s how they make a living. The business of provision of web hosting services is a multidimensional and widespread business that comprises of several different arrays including website hosting services, email hosting services, VPS hosting services, dedicated hosting services and reseller hosting services. Some of the people are making a good deal of money by reselling the web hosting services to other customers of their own.

reseller hosting

So in case you are willing to start up a web hosting services provision business on your owner, you have got two basic choices to choose from. You can either go for the reseller web hosting services or you may go for the VPS hosting services. Both of them have their own pros and cons. In order to make things a little easier for you in this regard, some of the details about both the kinds of web hosting services are given below.

Reseller web hosting

A reseller web hosting account may be thought of as a single or even a bundle of different shared accounts. It enables you to make different shared hosting accounts of your own in a quick and easy fashion. Just like any other shared hosting account, there are no maintenance requirements at all. All you need to do is to hire the services of a reputable web hosting services providing a company like Yocta and you will get a control panel along with a server. You can log into it and do whatever you want to with your website.



Reseller hosting services are provided by companies at very cheap rates. But you need to make sure you find a company like yocta that offers the right services even if the rates go a little higher.

Easy to use

Reseller web hosting is very easy to understand and use. It does not require any server maintenance as everything is usually taken care of by the company you have hired for the provision of reseller web hosting services. Some of the high-end companies like Yocta even offer round the clock customer support services as well.


Not very flexible

Reseller web hosting services are not very flexible as they offer their clients a limited level of control and customization. Unlike a VPS system, you can not tweak your system as the control is in the hands of your host.

Hard to migrate

When it comes to migration, it can be a really tough job. The cPanel offered by most of the service providers doesn’t offer any feature of automated transfers as you require having root access for that purpose.


Reseller web hosting services normally come with a ceiling and the services providers expect you to eventually switch to VPS after reaching a certain point.

Are you looking for a company that offers the best reseller web hosting services? You got to check out Yocta as it offers a variety of high-end features that aren’t offered by the competing companies. Some of these features are listed below.

  • Unlimited hosting
  • Unlimited mail boxes
  • Unlimited database
  • Almost 100% uptime

VPS hosting services

VPS or virtual private server may be referred to as the emulation of a dedicated server but it actually is not one. It allows you to run your preferred OS along with all the supporting software at the same time. A few of the pros and cons associated with this kind of hosting are given below.



VPS is highly flexible since it allows you to configure your environment any way you want to at the very basic level.

Easy to grow

Unlike reseller hosting, you may easily scale up or down on the resources according to your requirements.



The VPS hosting services are much expensive in comparison to the other kinds of hosting like reseller hosting but keeping in view the features you get, getting a VPS is not a bad deal.


Unlike reseller hosting, you require managing everything the right way when it comes to VPS hosting.

Are you looking for a reputed company that offers high quality vps hosting services? Give Yocta a try and you won’t be disappointed. Check out their main features below.

  • Single click deployment
  • Highly protected and secured
  • Easy access
  • Chosen manager
  • Power packed platform


In order to some it all up, it may be said that both reseller as well as vps hosting are associated with their own pros and cons. Some of the users may feel more comfortable with reseller hosting while VPS hosting might prove to be more appropriate for others. Basically, it all depends upon the kind of requirements you have.

Reseller web hosting is a comparatively cheaper kind of web hosting services and does not require a lot of maintenance. So if you are in the initial stages of starting a web hosting reseller business, you might want to stick to this kind of web hosting.

On the other hand, if you have been in this business for some time and are looking forward to expanding, going for vps hosting services would be a better choice.

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