Selecting a Reseller Hosting Company

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reseller hosting

Becoming a reseller web hosting provider can be done with a relatively small investment provided you choose the right web hosting provider like Yocta

Payment and Refund Policies

Buying a reseller hosting package is often more expensive than the other packages that web hosting companies offer and by paying yearly fees can attract discounts. It could be to your advantage to opt for this type of payment but before you do so check with the parent company what their refund policy is.

The reason you need to know is that if something does not go according to plan and you would like to change hosts or stop the business all together you need to know if you will be refunded for the months that are remaining. The second reason for checking on the refund policy is that sometimes you might lose clients and you would like to downgrade your package to suit a number of customers that you have. If these are to your satisfaction then you can go ahead and make the purchase.

Resellers need to Consider Resource Allocation

You must be 100% sure about the resources that are allocated with your package. You need to know that the amount of memory allocated to your specific cPanel is going to be enough to host all your clients and if it will be independent or if it will be shared.

If you are planning to use the single account to host one or a few websites then it will probably not make much difference but if you are planning to run lots of websites then the resources available are paramount. The thing you do not want is to have slow responding websites.

Support to Reselling Hosts

Support is probably the most important factor when considering a reseller web hosting company because people decide to use hosting providers so that they do not have the headache of fixing problems and monitoring the server performance.

As a reseller web host, there are extra support criteria you need to take into account that is not the same as having basic requirements. First of all, will the web hosts be prepared to move websites for free like Yocta does? This is extremely important if you start having no websites and you need them moved at a later date. They might be prepared to move sites for free but some providers do put a limit on how many times they will do it for free.

Some website hosts will only give these services to new account holders and after you have been with them a while will stop.

Some other support issues you need to be sure about is

  • Do they ensure that the package you have has the same security and safety in place as their other accounts? As a web host provider, you would not like your customers to be exposed to hacking and spam
  • If your web host clients have a problem are you able to get support from the parent company and what the response time will be? Some sites will not respond to your client’s problems as quickly as they do on their own.

reseller hosting

Marketing your Reselling Host Business

Your business needs to be marketed and in order to do that, you will need to have an effective branding and promoting the business plan. In order for to brand your business effectively, you need a striking logo and you will also need to find out from the web hosting company if you will have the control over you customers hosting accounts so that you can exhibit your logo. This will also make you look professional and is good for customer retention.

Some reseller hosting plans will allow you to let your customers promote their businesses across the social networking platforms and they reward you with free advertising credits. Then you can use these credits to promote your business using click per ad.

Reselling Hosting and Unlimited offers

Some providers advertise that they offer unlimited hosting but care must be taken because it might

not be available to you right from the start but in stages. Do some research in this regard before you join a company and make sure that unlimited hosting will suit your requirements.

Reseller Hosting Research of Parent Company

Before you start with the parent company even though they might be able to fulfill all your needs is to do some further research to ensure that your web host site will not suffer

Check the reputation of the company by reading reviews and if there are a lot of complaints about network problems and downtimes the changes will be that your customers will face the same problems and probably leave.

  • Make sure that the company that you use as your web host has a sound complete package. Reliability is key
  • If the host company is not well known it will almost be like starting a new company
  • Ensure that the parent company provides exceptional uptime
  • Beware of how reliable the parent company’s paying record is. You do not need to be fighting for your hard earned income.
  • When you start with promoting your new hosting business be conservative with investing too much until you see the public responding in a positive way.


Q Do the web hosting companies provide backup to reseller hosting companies

A Check with the web hosting provider but most of them will do daily backups and advise that you do the same for your clients

  1. What type of panel do resellers get offered
  2. It is to the advantage of the parent company to offer their latest up to cPanel and most of them do.
  3. If your business grows is it possible to upgrade.
  4. Hosting companies have various packages and if you have outgrown the package that you are currently using they will upgrade you but it will probably cost more.

Q If I want to move my websites is that possible

A Yes it is possible and most web hosting companies provide this service you need to find out if they will do it for free and for how long.


There are plenty of Web Hosting companies that offer reselling web hosting service like Yocta and have all the requirements that will ensure that you can have a successful web hosting company but do some research to ensure you get what you pay for.

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