The best shared hosting companies of 2017[Updated 2019]

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Shared Hosting Comparison 2017 – Top Web Hosting Companies

Yocta is rated as the best-shared hosting services providing the company of the year 2017 since it offers a wide array of hosting services in addition to all the requisite add-ons at the same time.


There are different kinds of web hosting services that are offered by different companies in the market. Shared hosting is undoubtedly the most common and the most popular kind of web hosting services these days. It is a cost-effective solution to your web hosting requirements. The basic concept is that your website gets hosted on a server which is shared by a number of clients. You get to have your own share of resources which are sufficient enough to take care of a startup or a personal website.


  • Shared hosting has gained a lot of popularity these days due to the fact that it is very cost effective yet it offers the full variety of features that might be required in order to make a professional quality website.
  • The companies that provide shared web hosting services store content from different websites on a single physical server which proves to be very cost efficient for the company and that’s the reason why shared web hosting services are available at such a cheap rate.
  • Choosing the right kind of web hosting services providing company sometimes turns out to be a tough job but if you are looking to start up a new website, checking out the shared web hosting packages offered by Yocta would be a good choice.
  • This is due to the fact that if you are just starting off with a new project, you might not have the financial resources to take care of the expenses required by VPS or dedicated hosting. An overview of the best shared hosting services providing companies of 2017 is given below for your convenience.

The best of the best –

Yocta is rated to be the best shared web hosting services providing company of the year 2017 and there are several reasons behind that. Yocta not only offers web hosting services but the professionals working there actually care about their clients. This is evident from the fact that in addition to providing exceptional quality of web hosting services, they also facilitate their clients in a number of other ways as well. For instance, they help you decide a good domain name for your website in case you are unable to decide one. Similarly, they offer other follow up that makes you believe that they actually care about their clients.

yoctaAs far as the shared web hosting services offered by yocta are concerned, they are pretty much the best so far in the year 2017. The downtime is almost zero while the customer support is simply marvelous. A few of the most notable features offered by Yocta shared web hosting are listed below.

  • Highly protected and secured hosting
  • Almost zero downtime
  • Easily usable cPanel
  • Easier and faster connectivity to the website
  • Secure storage of data
  • Round the clock customer support

There are different shared web hosting plans that are devised by Yocta to serve the requirements of different kinds of users. All four of them are listed below.

  • Basic – Starting from  29 /Month
  • Standard – Starting from  49 /Month
  • Professional – Starting from  99 /Month
  • Gold – Starting from  999 /Month

Are you confused about what kind of package you should get in order to give your website a good start? Visit the official website of Yocta and you will definitely get all the right answers.

Other features

Some of the other features that make Yocta the no. 1 shared web hosting services provider of 2017 are discussed below.

User friendliness

The entire platform of Yocta is pretty user-friendly and easy to use. Unlike the other companies, the cPanel is very simple yet comprehensive and allows you to take care of everything very conveniently.

Good value for money

All the packages offered by Yocta are very cost effective. You get good value for your money as the services are very stable and reliable.


Yocta promises an uptime of almost 100% which means that there is a good chance that you may never have to experience any downtime at all.


Unlike other companies, Yocta believes in search engine optimization as well. That’s the reason their entire platform strongly supports SEO.

Great customer support

Yocta offers a team of highly skilled support staff that is there to help you out 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

High-end security

Yocta provides its clients with the best possible level of security in order to make sure their data remains well protected from any kind of intrusions.

Other web hosting companies

In motion hosting

In motion is a fine web hosting services providing company that offers a limited number of web hosting solutions. Consulting this company would be a great choice if you are interested in cheap web hosting solutions for a comparatively basic website. The company offers high speed hosting in addition to great technical support while their offered package plans start at a low rate of just  29 /Month

Site ground

Site Ground is known to be the best web hosting services providing company when it comes to the offered technical support to the clients. It is comparatively expensive than In motion but the high-end technical support makes it worth the money.

Host Gator

Host gator is undoubtedly the best-shared web hosting company when it comes to speed. It offers the fastest web hosting services in comparison to any other host.


iPage is the most cost-effective web hosting company that offers a reasonable level of services in exchange for a cheap amount of money. The basic starter packages may be bought in exchange for as low.