The Top 10 Must Have Plugins For Your Hosted WordPress Website

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For the proper functioning of any WordPress site, you will need to compliment your WP software with certain plugins. This post is to give you an overview of the top 10 must have WordPress plugins currently available

wordpress hosting

Must-have WordPress plugins

Over time WordPress has grown and advanced to become one of the most popular web platforms or technologies.

  • WordPress has strived to maintain a constant supply of new varieties and features of WP plugins that can satisfy the needs of the WP users. The current change in technology has led WordPress to offer some of the must-have plugins that assist users in their everyday usage of the platform.
  • These are the reason why WordPress has been the home to many new users over the course of time. It also easy and simple to use so many beginners prefer it over other Content Management Systems. Currently, there are various plugins that have been developed to support WordPress but here are the 10 must have Plugins for your hosted WordPress Website.
  1. Akismet Plugin

Sometimes eliminating spam from the comment session of your website can be very difficult and may cause you a lot of headaches. But worry no more, Akismet plugin is developed solely for this purpose: removing spam from the comment section of your website. It actually achieves this by monitoring your website and filters any spammy content. Basically, when a user leaves a comment on your website, your site, therefore, runs this comment through Akismet plugin and notifies you in case the content is spam. Download it now.

  1. WordPress Google Maps Plugin

This is a user-friendly and very powerful WordPress plugins. It has a very interactive user interface and offers customization. This plugin enables you to design responsive google maps that have live previews and also customize it to make it a real-time map. It also supports Google Maps features like shapes, overlays, layers etc. and is also accompanied by some unique map themes and skins. Basically what it does is provide and suggest to users their locations as per the settings. Download it now.

  1. Yoast SEO plugin

Currently, SEO has become a key issue when it comes to a website’s success. SEO ranking will fully determine your website’s success. Therefore, it has a direct influence on your WordPress website or career. Having a WordPress post that is fully optimized for search engines like Yahoo, Bing and Google will take you time and real work mostly when you have no knowledge of SEO. Then this is the moment this plugin is of great importance.  Yoast SEO will guide you through the steps of making your web contents correct and fully optimized for search engines. Download it now.

  1. MailChimp WD Plugin

MailChimp WD plugin enables you to rewire your marketing tactics. This plugin is easy to use as it comes with a drag and drop interface, that enables you to a user to build converting opt-in forms hence turning your visitors into subscribers.

These forms offer easy customizability and also come with 13 built-in themes and several display options that have their customizable options, messages, categories etc. MailChimp WD Plugin is easy to set up and assists you in building forms that are able to opt-in and hide depending on your preferences. Download it here.

  1. Duplicate Posts

All it does is to clone you web posts, content, pages etc. The best part of it is that all you need to do is click once and all it will perform tasks like duplicating posts, creating new posts and also coping to draft. After the plugin accomplishes the tasks all you need to do is click publish on your dashboard and all is done. Due to its simplicity and ease of use, it has over 1 million users. Also, you can provide restrictions to the plugin to what you want or don’t want to duplicate.Download it here.

  1. W3 Total Cache

W3 Total Cache plugin improves your website’s performance. It also supports CDN which influences download time, increases performance and conversion rates and loads more results at a faster speed. It provides a great experience to your website through integrated caching.Download it here.

  1. WordPressGoogle Analytics Plugin

It features a reporting functionality that is advanced and effective, that enables users to get custom reports in any aspect important to him or her. WordPress Google Analytics Plugin offers its users well defined and detailed reports on target traffic, performance, audience etc. of his or her website and also enables the user to perform some managerial activities with the plugin’s management feature. These reports are responsive and can be exported to CSV and PDF file formats.Download it here.

  1. JetPack Plugin

This plugin is unique due to its perfection and the numerous activities it can perform. It is designed to perform various functionalities like site management and comes with a centralized dashboard. On top of that, it is accompanied by several features and tools that enable users to enhance traffic growth, monitor their site security, optimize images and site speed, and bring about an overall increase in site performance. It is, therefore, an important tool that enables users to protect their sites against unauthorized sign-ins and hacking. It also features other bonus features like CSS, subscriptions, notifications and also contact forms.Download it here.

  1. Redirection Plugin

This plugin enables the managing of a site’s redirections and in so doing it helps in preventing those annoying error 404s. It adds an automatic redirection URL whenever the original URL changes and is also accompanied by custom built pass-through redirection. Redirection Plugin comes with several features each with different methodologies and also provides statistical analysis of any redirections that has taken place. Download it here.

  1. BackupBuddy Plugin

BackupBuddy Plugin enables you to schedule your site’s backups. And also enables easy and simple storage of backups in the cloud. It is best suited for WP users. Download it here.

The listing of these plugins doesn’t matter, each of them defers in their functionalities and performance. You shouldn’t download all of the but only those that suit your WP website needs and goals. Bottom line is, these plugins are a must have for WordPress users who wants to make the best out of their websites.


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