Want to start a blog? Here is the Best WordPress hosting service for bloggers.[Updated 2019]

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For those who are planning to start a blog, this is an article for you. Here we are going to discuss the best WordPress hosting package and host for your blog.

After making a decision to start your own blog with the WordPress CMS platform, your remaining challenge is choosing the best WordPress host that will cater to all your needs. On top of that, you will also have to choose a WordPress hosting package that you will be able to not only affordable but also maintain over the course of time. These two steps are always confusing and sometimes stressful for most bloggers especially the beginners.

You can read our article on An overview of the 10 most powerful WordPress Hosting services for 2017, to find out the best WordPress hosting services available currently. This is because in this blog we are going to talk about the package that will suit all your needs. One thing most of the new bloggers don’t understand is free WordPress hosting i.e. wordpress.com is always costly in the end.

Why should you avoid the free WordPress.com hosting?

Free WordPress-com

First and for most, you need to know the difference between free WordPress hosting and the paid hosting and how you will find free hosting a disadvantage.

Free WordPress hosting is the option most people for most when they are beginners. But this is not good for those who want to make money and be successful mostly enterprises and bloggers who want to grow. These are the reasons why:

  1. You have limited control

With you are not allowed to modify the site’s framework. This may seem like nothing but in the future, it will be an issue as you will need to add an update to the features of your blog.

  1. The blog isn’t fully yours

The hosting provider full owns the site as your domain name will have to include their name i.e. business.wordpress.com. this becomes a deal breaker since you won’t be able to enjoy what the blog has to offer.

  1. This is not good for search engine rankings

Most search engines don’t give any suggestions for the freely hosted blogs on their search results. Simply because they don’t find this kind of blogs authoritative enough. Having your own hosting and an independent domain for your blog tells search engines that you mean business.

  1. Your options on design are limited

A self-hosted WordPress blog allows you to upload and download themes of your choice it also gives you room for hiring designers to do the design work for you. This enables you to change the look and feel of your blog at any time. Unlike free WordPress hosting where you always go with anything that wordpress.com has to offer.

  1. It is a sign of poor branding

This is the thing most beginners don’t know; having your own domain is very important for your brand and its overall marketing and success. Building a brand requires authenticity. This can only be achieved through self-hosting.

Yes, some people may argue that starting a self-hosted WordPress blog is confusing and complicated but generally, it is fairly easy. All you need is research, on the best WordPress hosting services then choosing one with a package that suits your needs in terms of budget, speed and features offered.

Generally hosting WordPress blogs aren’t costly and the investment can give very satisfactory results. Currently, the best WordPress hosting package is offered by Yocta. Yocta has been working with WordPress since 2005 to provide a hosting environment that suits the WP platform together with its users.

Why YoctaWordPress hosting package is the best for bloggers.

Here are the main advantages and benefits of using the YoctaPlusWordPress hosting package:

1.Offers 1-click WordPress installation

The YoctaWordPress hosting packages offer a one-click installation of the software which only takes a few minutes to complete meaning you will not need to worry about the install WP manually like with most WP host. This will also enable you to install the latest version of WordPress that has more features and functionality.

2.Offers unlimited domains, email addresses, and blogs

The Yocta packages also enable you to host more than one blog. This basically means you can host many blogs but in case the blogs start to take up more of the space on your disk you will need to upgrade to a premium package with more space.

3.Very secure

Mostly when your new to blogging and blog hosting you don’t have enough knowledge of how some feature or WordPress will influence your blog security. Therefore, Yocta ensures and tightens the security of your blog. they also offer support and tutorials on how you can fix any security problem or ensure the security of your blog is up to.

Their packages also offer security software and other anti-spam features that you can enable on youth hosted blog.

4.Amazing uptime speed

Though there has been some concern about this is due to the increase in the number of people who host with them. But compared to another host they have excellent uptime. And also they have a new project where they are planning to build new servers to cater for its growing community.

5.Customer support

These packages come with reliable customer support. This support is available on a 24/7 basis and can be reached by Live Chat, email and phone and even the old postal service. The best part is that they have partnered with WordPress, meaning in the case of any queries you will get help directly from the WordPress experts and Professionals.

These are just but a few of the benefit you will get from going with the YoctaWordPress hosting packages. They are currently the best web hosting and WP hosting service available in the market today. You can go to their site and find out more on their WP hosting.

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