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Have you ever thought of having your own business email id. Definitely! Many of you have. Typically, any business email id is like abc@companyname.com. Email hosting services are the services offered by web hosting companies where they provide corporate email ids by using company’s domain names.

If you are a startup, it is very important for you to show professionalism in your business. Therefore, you require email hosting service which will help you in building brand. If you are looking for email hosting in Mumbai, then, contact Yocta.

Email hosting

Yocta is an email hosting service provider that manages user’s domain and authenticate email’s security.

Benefits of Email Hosting

Professional means of communication
Corporate emails make a professional way of communication internally as well as externally. For sending a business proposal to someone, sending offers to your customers, sending corporate mails etc you need corporate email.

Cost Effective
Although some of you count investing in email hosting as wastage of money but an email account does not cost you much in comparison to the benefits offered by it.

Email Hosting

In this professional world, the corporate email account is trusted more in comparison to free email accounts. This is because corporate email id is associated with domain name.

Storage Space
Most of the web hosting service providers like Yocta serve with customised storage space. As per your requirements, Yocta provides you the customised storage space.

email hosting

A large number of features
Professional email accounts serve you with a large number of features than in comparison to free email accounts like Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo etc. With professional email accounts, you can easily customise the size of your mail box. In addition to this, Professional emails provide you benefits like monitoring of mail, grouping of mail, recovery of delete mail, calendar, backup etc.


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