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Web Hosting

Yocta offering high-end website hosting services with latest security features. Yocta is a web hosting company that offers a massive variety of different kinds of web hosting services along with the follow-up services to help you sustain your website at the optimal level of performance.


Yocta is a top-level hosting company that offers a variety of different kinds of web hosting services include website hosting, email hosting, VPS server hosting, application hosting, and reseller hosting. A wide array of other similar services like website designing, server management, email migration, SEO services, and website development are also offered. Unlike the majority of the web hosting companies, Yocta offers some additional privileges to its clients as they believe in over delivering. So if you are thinking about moving forward with a new web related project, it is highly recommended to contact the company here.

Web hosting

Are you planning on launching a new website for your business? Stop wandering around and take a look at what Yocta has in store for you. The company offers a variety of different kinds of web hosting services to meet the requirements of their clients. They believe in over delivering so they do not hesitate to think outside the box when it comes to facilitating the customer in any possible way. That’s the reason why they help you meet your exact requirements and preferences. For instance, they offer help in picking out a good domain name and deciding what kind of hosting would be the most appropriate one for your business. In addition to this, if you are interested in highly secured hosting services for your site, Yocta can do that for you. It is very easy to reach the company as they make use of a very fast network. Some of the most prominent web hosting features offered by Yocta are listed below:

  • Highly secured hosting
  • Protected storage of data
  • Easier and faster website connectivity
  • User-friendly C panel
  • Round the clock customer support

Offered plans:

There are 4 different plans offered by Yocta when it comes to website hosting. They are custom designed to meet the requirements of different kinds of users. A few details on the plans are listed below:

  • Basic– Starting at only  29 /Month
  • Standard – Starting at  49 /Month
  • Professional– Starting at  99 /Month
  • Gold – Starting at  999 /Month

Key features

Yocta offers a number of high-end features that aren’t offered by any competing web hosting services provider. Want to know more? Some of them are discussed below.

The domain of your own choice

Yocta offers the facility of choosing a domain name of your own choice. If you are not so sure about the right name, you can seek the professional opinion of the experienced brains working at the company and the whole deals come at a very fair price.

Secure hosting

Are you tired of getting attacked due to unsecured web hosting? Give Yocta a try as they are offering highly secured hosting services with an uptime of almost 100%. Unlike other companies, the web hosting services provided by Yocta are less prune to intrusions and other vulnerabilities. Round the clock customer supportAnnoyed by frequent downtime and having no one to turn to? Well, you are in luck as Yocta offershosting simply the best query resolution through its round the clock customer support which is provided by a team of highly skilled support staff.

Other features

In addition to the above-mentioned features, there are some additional features that make the offered web hosting packages even better. A few of them are discussed below.

User friendliness

The web hosting services come with a variety of different tools that come in handy in taking care of a website. All these tools are easily customizable and come with a user-friendly design.

Good value for money

Unlike the web hosting services offered by the majority of the companies, Yocta does not leave your pockets holed as the offered services are pretty economical while the company is inclined to over deliver.


Do you get constantly annoyed by the often downtime experienced by your website? Turn to Yocta and you would be amazed by the reliability of the services since they ensure an uptime of almost 100% which is made possible by 24/7 monitoring of the entire infrastructure.


In addition to being user-friendly, the offered hosting services are SEO friendly as well. They make sure that your website gets a good standing when it comes to search engine optimization.

Security Solutions

SSL Security

Are you looking to get the right kind of SSL Certificates to use on your website? Give Yocta a try as it offers SSL security certificates that are in exact accordance with the latest standards of the industry. Some of the most notable features in this regard are listed below:

  • Extended validation
  • Organizational validation
  • Domain validation
  • Round the clock support

web hostingSecurity Scanner

Do you find it hard to keep up with the server security requirements of your web application? Give Yocta’s security scanner a shot and you won’t be disappointed. If different kinds of attacks leave you wondering how to secure your web project, you need to give Yocta a try as it offers a high-end security scanner to keep your website protected from any intrusions. You may get your website scanned at a nominal rate .

Security monitoring

  • If you stay constantly worried regarding the different kinds of vulnerabilities sustained by your website, hiring Yocta is the wise choice as it offers around the clock protection service in exchange of a low amount .
  • Keeping in view the level of security and the sense of protection you get, paying this kind of money is nothing as it saves you a lot of trouble in addition to a lot of payments that you might require to make in order to regain control of your website in case it gets hacked .

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